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Olcay Berberoglu is the founder of iopei interiors and alope events.

He is an Istanbul/London based designer with a background in interior design, event planner and pastry chef; encapsulating all skills you might expect from an event planner and interior designer!

After completing his BA in Interior Design in 2015, he carried out various interior design projects at worldwide known hotel, restaurant and residential housing projects. He received his MA degree in Interior Design from Fine Arts in 2019 and started to be heavily involved in event planning besides interior design projects. 

As a confident and dedicated Interior Designer who has experience in both professional and freelance design, Berberoglu holds around 6 years of working experience. With a wide number of clients to achieve a dazzling portfolio, he is still embracing any design task to cultivate further inspiration for life.

iopei interiors

Taking inspiration from the unique balance of nature; iopei Interiors nourishes itself on all aspects of art while also ensuring a principled, versatile and design-oriented approach for its customers. 

Still influenced by the traditional culture it roots in, iopei’s modern line perfectly reflects the material, colour, light and texture; while also highlighting the harmony between them.

iopei Interiors provide interior and exterior design, as well as particular furniture, lighting, and general decoration consultancy.

Please feel free to get in touch with me, as I am always interested in exciting projects, inspirational questions or just meeting people with whom I can share my passion for design.